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Is drug court an option in your case?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

A drug conviction can quickly become a headache. It could impact many areas of your life, so finding a fast resolution is imperative.

Ideally, you want to avoid going to jail. Being taken out of society and locked behind bars can be disruptive to your life, costing you your job, relationships and other things. One option you may have in Oklahoma is to attend drug court.

The goal

A drug court allows you to avoid doing jail time while also offering your treatment to help you avoid drug charges in the future. The focus is on providing you with resources to help you with your drug problem and to ensure you never end up in court again.

The process

Drug court requires a team of individuals working with you to meet specific goals. You may have to attend treatment, take drug tests, secure employment, complete community service and meet other stipulations set by the court. You must complete all requirements the judge imposes to graduate from drug court.

The result

When you are successful in drug court, you will avoid going to jail. However, you should be aware that during the program, you will have multiple check-ins with the judge. If you fail a drug test or do not follow your program, you could get jail time as a sanction for not adhering to the plan.

Drug court is a lengthy process. But it can be well worth it if you have a drug problem and wish to become free of it. The supervision and assistance offered to you can help you to change your life.