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Can you and your spouse agree on the terms of a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Child Custody |

In the state of Oklahoma, a parenting plan is a court order that basically shows how you and the other parent will raise your children following your divorce.

Court approval becomes easier if the two of you can agree on the terms. What should you include in the parenting plan you develop?

Parenting schedule

Your parenting plan must explain how you and the co-parent will care for your children. The focus should be on your parenting schedule, usually a rotation pattern that allows for the children to spend quality time with each of you. Once you work out a regular schedule, make room for special events such as holidays and birthdays. Show what arrangements you are planning for vacation time.

Major decisions

The parenting plan must also show who will make major decisions on behalf of the children. Think about decisions for education, healthcare, discipline and religious upbringing.

Conflict and communication

Describing how you and the other parent will communicate about the children’s upbringing will also be an important part of the parenting plan. Will you use the phone? Send emails or text messages to each other? At the same time, explain how you plan to resolve conflicts and differences of opinion in raising your children.

A look ahead

Every parenting plan is unique. It is based on many factors, including how many children you have, how old they are and what kind of daily routine they require. Your attorney can ensure that you cover the relevant points so as to create a plan the court will approve. Your parenting plan will serve as a blueprint to help you and your family adjust to a post-divorce lifestyle.