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What does a criminal record impact?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Getting into legal hot water may work against you in the long run, even for a minor infraction. The ramifications of a criminal record may wind up following you for many years.

Learn a bit about what happens if you have a criminal record.

Will you lose your job?

Some professions require that you maintain a clean legal record. As such, if you face new legal charges, your current employer may find out and terminate your employment. While this may not happen in every case, you may want to look closely at the terms of your employment before assuming your job is safe.

Does a record impact a divorce?

The court may not care about your criminal record in dividing assets and debt during divorce. However, when it comes to child custody, the judge must look at what is in the best interests of the child. If the act on your record does not lead a judge to believe you will care for your children properly, you may lose legal custody.

What happens in the future?

A criminal record may impact your future for many years. Even an arrest may appear, and you will have to report it on every employment and financial application. It may prove harder to rent an apartment or lease a vehicle with a criminal record. The long-term effects may touch various areas of your life for many years, and you may want to consider moving for an expungement when eligible.

When exploring how to proceed against charges, you may want to call and consult a professional with experience who can give you better advice.