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Recognizing custodial interference

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Child Custody |

Child custody determinations are typically detailed and comprehensive, with an established schedule for each parent’s time with the children. When possible, that schedule results from an agreement between the two parties. In other cases, the judge establishes the schedule that they deem reasonable. When one parent refuses to comply or directly violates any element of that order, you might have a custodial interference claim.

Understand the actions that constitute custodial interference to protect your rights to spend time with your children.

Disrupting the visitation schedule

When one parent routinely shows up early for pickup times, arrives late for drop-off times or arrives unexpectedly for visits, that interferes with the quality time that the other parent has with the children.

Blocking communication between the other parent and their child

A parent that takes a child’s cell phone and refuses to permit communication between the parent and child is interfering with the parent’s rights to maintain a relationship with their child. When it happens consistently, the courts may view it as custodial interference.

Spreading negative information about the other parent

You might not think about talking negatively as a means of custodial interference. When that negative talk influences the way that your child feels about their other parent, that is custodial interference. If you struggle to maintain a relationship with your child because of negative talk from your ex, you may have a case.

Custodial interference can have lasting consequences for the parent-child relationship. Courts take these claims seriously, and recognizing the signs is the first step toward protecting your relationship with your child.