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If Facing Drug Possession Charges, Our Law Firm Will Help

Prior to becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Tim Kuykendall spent 24 years as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office, the last 12 as the elected District Attorney. He was assigned as the chief drug offense prosecutor for eight years and served as Director of District 21 Multijurisdictional Drug Task Force. As district attorney, Mr. Tim D. Kuykendall was instrumental in starting the county’s first Adult Drug Court Program.

His experience as a prosecutor gives him a unique point of view in defending those charged with possession of a controlled drug or another drug offense.

Doing Our Best To Keep It Off Your Record

Drug offense can be punishable by anything from one year in jail for simple possession charges, to life in prison without parole for the most serious of drug offenses. In addition to the criminal penalties that go along with drug offenses, individuals charged often face serious addiction issues. It is important to have an attorney who will help you with both.

While it may be important to try to keep a felony drug conviction off one’s record, it is equally important to address the addiction problem, if there is one, to avoid being a repeat offender.
Tim D. Kuykendall believes in helping his clients with not only their criminal case but also any underlying issues that caused their arrest or charge in the first place.

Contact A Seasoned Attorney Now

Do not fight drug charges on your own. A seasoned criminal defense attorney may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed. You can rely on the skills and experiences of Tim D. Kuykendall. Please schedule a free initial consultation by filling out this intake form or by calling 405-253-4210.

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