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When You Face A DUI Charge, Let Us Help You

At Kuykendall Law, PLLC ., our defense team includes a former prosecutor. Our attorneys have more than four decades of collective experience prosecuting and defending persons charged with DUI or other alcohol-related offenses. This experience from both sides gives our team better insight as to how best to represent you.

Persons charged with DUI or APC could face incarceration in the county jail or even prison, depending on their prior record, not to mention fines, community service or other court-ordered treatment. In addition, most DUI or APC offenders face the loss of their driver’s license for months or even years.

To challenge the loss of their license, offenders have only 30 days from the date of their arrest (in most cases) to request an administrative hearing in hopes of avoiding a driver’s license suspension. Thus, it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible to help you protect your rights.

College Students Have A Skilled Ally

College students may face additional problems associated with a DUI, drug or other alcohol-related offense. Some colleges and universities, including the University of Oklahoma, have a “Three Strike Policy.” In other words, if you have three drug- or alcohol-related student code violations while enrolled in school, your enrollment will be terminated.

One of our lawyers was a fraternity chapter adviser working with students and college administrators on alcohol and drug issues. Our team is committed to helping those students who now find themselves facing criminal prosecution, so as to not adversely affect their time in college and future careers.

Another concern for most clients, especially students, is keeping their records clean. Expungement laws in Oklahoma are ever-changing, making it essential to have a lawyer representing you who knows the latest law regarding the expungement of past criminal arrests.

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A DUI charge can lead to serious consequences, and you may lose your driver’s license. Kuykendall Law, PLLC ., in Norman, Oklahoma, has experienced criminal defense lawyers ready to represent you. For a free consultation, please fill out this online form or call 405-489-9510.

Kuykendall Law, PLLC ., offers discounts for enrolled college students and active military personnel. The law office also accepts all major credit cards.