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Our Firm Will Help You Expunge Your Record

The impact of being convicted of a crime can follow you long after you have completed your sentence. However, there is a legal option to seal records of a conviction or arrest on your criminal record. At Kuykendall Law, PLLC ., our attorneys will guide you through the expungement process to give you the best chances of approval.

There are two different types of expungements, and our lawyers understand the differences between them. We can help you determine which one you may qualify for or which fits your case the best. We will examine your case to see if it meets the qualifying criteria, which can include:

  • Acquittal
  • The conviction was overturned, and charges were dropped
  • Receiving a pardon
  • DNA cleared you of the crime

If convicted of a violent felony in Oklahoma, you do not qualify for expungement of that conviction. You may still be eligible for expungement if your conviction was for a nonviolent felony, and we will work with you to determine if you qualify.

Pursuing Criminal Record Expungement

A common misconception is that if you receive a deferment of judgment and sentence, your record will be expunged at the conclusion of your probation. That is not the case. Usually, further action is required by you or your attorney to make sure the records of your arrest and prosecution are sealed or expunged.

How your case is resolved will determine whether your records can be expunged. Therefore, it is critical that you have an attorney who knows the latest law regarding the expungement of criminal records.

Contact The Firm To Learn More

An expungement can give you the best chance of a better future after a conviction. Criminal charges on your record can cost you a job, get you fired from your current job, or even keep you from finding a place to live, not to mention, affecting your credit. At Kuykendall Law, PLLC ., our lawyers will ensure your paperwork is all in order to help minimize the risk of the court rejecting your application. Call 405-489-9510 or email the firm to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more.

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