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Growing Your Family Through Adoption

Adoption is one of the most joyful milestones a family can attain. Perhaps you have already acted in a parenting capacity as a stepparent, grandparent or close relative. Or, maybe you are looking to adopt an infant through a private adoption. At Kuykendall & Broyles Law, PLLC, we can help you achieve your dreams of growing your family.

Based in Norman, our lawyers handle adoption cases across Oklahoma, including:

  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Relative adoptions
  • Private adoptions
  • Adult adoptions

We are well-versed in the nuances of Oklahoma family law as it applies to adoption. You can count on us for straightforward, easy-to-understand guidance at all stages of the process.

Two Main Types Of Adoption Cases

By law, children aren’t permitted to have more than two legal parents. Adoption cases vary depending on whether it’s necessary to involuntarily terminate parental rights:

  • In uncontested cases, one or both biological parents have voluntarily relinquished their parental rights. These cases are generally smoother and faster than contested adoptions. In cases involving relative and stepparent adoptions, the home study and waiting period can be waived.
  • In contested cases, the parental rights of one or both parents must be involuntarily terminated. These cases are typically more challenging, requiring strong evidence and one or more hearings to establish parental unfitness.

We also handle guardianship proceedings in cases where a full adoption isn’t necessary or possible, but you’re seeking legal authority to act on a child’s behalf.

Don’t Navigate Adoption Alone

As such a major step in your family’s life, adoption proceedings should be approached with diligence and care. Our attorneys can ensure that nothing gets overlooked. We can walk you through what to expect and help you with each step.

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