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Sarah G.

I HIGHLY recommend Attorney Tim Kuykendall. He actually cared about me getting well before I got sober in 2018 and instead of just wanting money only; he suggested I sit it out and go to rehab which looking back I appreciate so much! He even helped me expunge my record for the DUI. He also has helped my fiance prior to our sobriety who faced a 12 year sentence for non-violent drug charges (while I am a white woman who was in the same case who got offered 5 year deferred by the way!!!!) after sitting in jail fighting this for one year. Once we hired Mr. Kuykendall, he was given a sentence of 3 years with 1 year served. I can go on and on the amount of people close to me Mr. Kuykendall has helped and they all share similar experiences. I am a law student now and hands down-this is the best attorney I know thus far (after working with many around U.S. and also the many I have met/been taught by while in my Paralegal Studies Associate’s program. Look at his about section on the website and hands down-even if I did not know him personally-the experience and contributions to society make him the best choice in my opinion. Thank you!

Emily I.

Tim is knowledgeable and kind and you can trust him to get the job done!

Kyle P.

Kuykendall law office is amazing! They are extremely affordable and offer just as good of service as any other attorneys. They are always responsive about anything I ever need and keep me updated. It almost seems unfair for the fee they charge and amazing service they give. I’d recommend this office to anybody. Staff and attorneys are both awesome!!

Blake C.

Tim was the right choice for my situation, he talked with class and knowledge in court and got the outcome I wanted on both of my cases. I am grateful for him as my lawyer, I feel his past experience as a D.A. has helped him as a lawyer who knows how to get what he wants. Also, I am a young college student and at the time I needed a lawyer I could not find one because no other attorneys would take my word that I would pay them on a certain day, when I had the cash but Tim did. I’m thankful and happy my fate decided on Tim as my lawyer. If you want the best outcome on your case I would definitely recommend Tim for the job!

Jacob W.

10/10 recommend Tim and his team if you do everything he suggest for you to do he will work magic for you! Thanks sir!