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How a felony conviction can affect your life

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Life has its ups and downs. However, a felony conviction stands out as a challenge that can dramatically change your life’s trajectory. Many people might believe the impact of such a conviction fades after serving the sentence. In reality, this event can affect almost every facet of your life.

Some of these repercussions are immediate, while others might appear over time. Grasping the scope of these consequences is necessary for anyone dealing with a felony charge or for those helping someone in this situation.

Diminished employment opportunities

A felony conviction in Oklahoma can limit your job prospects significantly. Many employers hesitate to hire individuals with a felony record. Certain professions, such as teaching or finance, might become inaccessible if you have a felony on your record. If you once held a professional license in fields like nursing or real estate, a felony conviction might lead to license loss or suspension.

Challenges with housing

Many landlords conduct background checks on potential tenants and might hesitate to rent to someone with a felony. This hesitancy can lead to struggles in finding housing and you could end up paying higher deposits to get a rental.

Restricted voting rights

A felony conviction in Oklahoma can affect your right to vote. Some felons can reinstate their voting rights after a specific period or after completing their sentences, but this is not a guarantee.

Limited educational opportunities

Pursuing further education with a felony conviction can pose challenges. Some colleges or universities might not admit students with felony records. You might also struggle to get financial aid or scholarships. For instance, the American Opportunity Tax Credit is worth up to $2,500 but excludes individuals with felony convictions.

In addition, a conviction can put a strain on your personal relationships. Friends and family might see you differently or have difficulty understanding your situation. Building new relationships can also become a challenge due to the stigma attached to a conviction. Strive to understand all the implications of a felony conviction and seek support when necessary.