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Navigating prescription drug possession charges in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2024 | Drug Crimes |

Prescription drug laws in Oklahoma are strict and designed to prevent abuse while allowing legitimate medical use. There are specific regulations regarding prescription medication, and not following these rules can lead to prescription drug possession charges.

If the police have charged you with prescription drug possession, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the laws surrounding this issue.

Beyond the limit charges

Oklahoma law allows individuals to possess prescription drugs if they have a valid prescription from a licensed health care provider. However, note that even with a valid prescription, there are limits to the amount of medication that can be legally possessed. Possessing more medication than prescribed may result in criminal charges.

Unlawful possession charges

The government defines unlawful possession as possessing prescription drugs without a valid prescription. This includes having medication prescribed to someone else. It also covers obtaining drugs through fraudulent means. Even if a person didn’t intend to use the medication recreationally, they could still face charges for unlawful possession.

Potential defenses

Individuals facing prescription drug possession charges have the right to defend themselves in court. A common defense is arguing that the medication was legally prescribed. One can also say that they did not know they were in possession of the medication. Another option is to say that the medication was for personal use and not distribution.

Charges with serious consequences

Prescription drug possession charges can have serious consequences for individuals who are facing them. If you’re facing prescription drug possession charges, it’s crucial to understand your options so that you can protect your legal rights.