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How can you regain your license after an Oklahoma DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | DUI |

Facing the aftermath of an arrest for driving under the influence can be daunting. You may have concerns about the suspension of your Oklahoma driving privileges.

Understanding when and how you can reinstate your license can help you rebuild your life after a DUI conviction.

Completion of the suspension period

The duration of license suspension after DUI varies based on your blood alcohol concentration at the time of arrest. The court will also review the circumstances of the accident and prior DUI convictions.

After serving the mandated suspension period, you become eligible to begin the process of reinstating your license. You must also meet all court-ordered requirements, such as alcohol education or treatment programs.

Do not drive your vehicle while under suspension. If an officer pulls you over, you could receive additional charges including a longer license suspension.

Documents and fees

To start the reinstatement process, gather the required documentation, including proof of completion for court-mandated programs.  You may have to provide proof that you have installed an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. The state uses these devices to prevent

You must also pay the necessary fees. You may be responsible for administrative costs, license reinstatement fees and fines associated with your DUI conviction.

Oklahoma has a drunk driving arrest rate of 334 per 100,000 residents, ranking 10th among all states in the U.S. You can reach out to the Department of Public Safety if you have questions about the process of getting your driving privileges back after DUI.